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July 15 2013

3349 e23a
connor, cute, sam

Image size: 400x400
3148 c298
hapiness, heart, inspiring

Image size: 500x300
1673 5434
beautiful, heart, love

Image size: 545x720
0503 f8f3
crazy, dreamer, life

Image size: 500x375
0505 3f11
semicolon, end, dont

Image size: 500x650
0506 8e29
always, hurt, girl

Image size: 400x401
0383 d3b1
asian, boy, coffee shop

Image size: 500x354
0385 c912
asian, beautiful, cute

Image size: 500x603
0386 3d79
asian, beautiful, mi

Image size: 500x411
9189 a7da
books, read, love

Image size: 466x700
7814 a9ac
flowers, life, perfect

Image size: 500x714
7817 9d92
colorful, crazy, life

Image size: 500x431
6697 2cd5
loving, life, missing

Image size: 500x384
6547 d90a
text, textography, life

Image size: 500x689
6548 8a3a
crazy, demi lovato, just friends

Image size: 365x365
6550 50a9
lie, love, life

Image size: 600x498
6551 0de1
beautiful, landscape, crazy

Image size: 500x338
6553 8c62
art, beautiful, drawing

Image size: 500x322
5137 0460
camera, leica, photography

Image size: 612x612

July 14 2013

4039 e641
bicycle, quote, life

Image size: 400x514
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